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Hälsa och skönhet: hälsokost, hudvård, hårvård, naturpreparat, smink, parfym, glasögon, kontaktlinser, viktminskning, med mera.

African Total Relaxing Massage in Ostermalm -Stockholm

African Total Relaxing Massage in Ostermalm -Stockholm
Kilimanjaro Healing Power:

About Julieth Chuwa
I was born and raised up in Moshi-Under the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

(Tanzania yetu Hakuna Matata!
In Tanzania, we don’t have problems! ).

I Am a physiotherapist and specialized in Healing Massage by using herbs & massage and Meditation giving advice to Those who need help and good hope in relationships or life problems like sickness ext.

I also work with wellness tourism in Tanzania.

My family name is Chuwa which means: Treatment & Cure.

This name was given to My ancestors and family members, because of their ability to heal people through massaging specific points akin to the practice of acupuncture in a cultural way.

I learned traditional herb and massage teachings from My grandmother and mother since I was a young girl in Tanzania and how these can cure various diseases. Since I was 20 I started to learn traditional Sex education and have for many years run Kitchen parties in Sweden for those who are getting married or others.

I am the ambassador of holistic & Massage for which I am a certified teacher of African Healing massage Meditation & Herbs Medicines in Stockholm Sweden.
I also run a successful private practice as a certificate psychotherapist, Healer.

I also provide.

1 A: Very soft full body massage with warm oil total relaxing massage according to My client's need.

1 B: Full body massage My hands overlap and massage deeply from the shoulder to the shoulder.

You are welcome to lie down and feel how all the musts slowly disappear, while safe masseur hands massage your back, neck, legs, feet, arms, hands, face, and scalp.

You exchange your stress for a pleasant calm during a pleasant full body massage.

Full body massage also dissolves tension that creeps along your back and up over your neck.

The treatment A full body massage is a classic massage that is performed with the finest aroma oils to calm music and with subdued light, while you lie on a heated massage table for maximum comfort.

A full body massage includes massage of the back, neck, legs, feet, arms, hands, face, and scalp. Therefore, the shortest treatment is 60 minutes.

When you choose a longer treatment, we focus more deeply on each area and the full body massage comes into its own.

You can of course choose to get more massage on the legs instead of, for example, the hands, or with the approach you want.

This is Your moment!

The city therapists' masseurs adapt the massage to suit your wishes,

choose between an in-depth muscle massage or a lighter relaxation massage.

If you wish, I replace the aromatic oil with a massage with fragrance-free Moringa tree oil. or nutritious baobab oil. Feel free to come in a good time, like 10 minutes before You may site in the kitchen and have tea or coffee, or take shower, while You are waiting

Unwind to get the most out of My luxurious full body massage.

Feel free to plan your day so that the musts and errands for the evening are already completed, thus letting your body enjoy being relaxed.-


30 min bath sauna and 60 min nice massage = SEK 1,000 Only on weekends

1: Very soft massage by hands for 60 min = 800 SEK

2- Stone Massage with the miracle power, smooth massages nicely all over the body 60 min = 900 SEK

3- Sports massage, which is hard its help to soften and stretches Your hard and painful muscular 60 min = 900 SEK

4- full body massage with herbs wich clean the dead skin from Your body and make You completely relaxed = 120 min = 1600 SEK

4-Pregnant massage, 60 min = 800 SEK

5- Medicine massage with herbs, 60 min = 900 SEK

Number 6 can only be booked via a link on Facebook:

6- Tanzanian Kitchen Party workshops for women only (Women's health )

I sell by posting different Eco herbs. like

1-Rosella Tea,

2-Moringa leaves powder,

3-Graviola (Soasop ) leaves powd
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Pris: 800 kr
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Namn: Mama Africa
Län: Stockholm
Ort: Stockholm
Typ: Företag
Datum: 18/1 2021
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African Total Relaxing Massage in Ostermalm -Stockholm
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