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Hälsa och skönhet: hälsokost, hudvård, hårvård, naturpreparat, smink, parfym, glasögon, kontaktlinser, viktminskning, med mera.

African Healing Massage Course/ Stockholm Including Tanzania

African Healing Massage Course/ Stockholm Including Tanzania
6 Months for You to Lean from Me how to do African Healing Massage with helbs, hands and Machiners

I am the ambassador of holistic & Massage for which I am a certified teacher of African Healing massage and Herbs Medicines in Stockholm Sweden.
I also run a successful private practice as a certificate psychotherapist, Healer for more than 30 years now.

That I learned from grandmother and mother in their clinic that they worked as a masseur with herbs until I got the medical knowledge about massage therapy and various diseases and from there, I started to work.

What is African massage
African massage is based on the African term "Ubuntu".
Ubuntu is a belief system based on interconnection - mind, body, and spirit and incorporates nature's connection, elements, and energy in motion.

African massage was created to encompass the whole being and has an understanding that tension in the body is not always physical tension.

I will start with a short introduction of myself and then We start learning My technical about how to massage by Using hands technic, Herbs oils, and health Machines by massaging one by one of my clients. for 60 minutes

Long before there were antibiotics and X-rays, African healers used traditional remedies, made from the plants, to heal people in their communities.

I am passionate about my job and like helping everyone who needs my help.

My Massage is a mix of different techniques to treat your body just because you feel good.

You may follow me to Tanzania in November 2021.
There You can learn all kind of herbs, from the forest also from My own Eco farm and by them for cheap price from My Eco-farm, where You will Use to treat clients in Your successful private practice.

Are You intrested to buy Game Stones and Crystals from Tanzanite, Ruby. Green Tormaline Green garnet and more? There is the Home and center of all Those kind Stones.

The course starts on 27th September 2021 and it's every Friday between 11:00 -13 for 6 months.I take only 10 students.

Fest term is 1 and half months

It means that we start Sept 27th up to November 15th.

Then, We travel to Tanzania on 20th November for learning all herbs and do reheso for treatments and Wellness Tour.
Its will take 7 days in Tanzania.

Another course will start again february on 15th/2022 for another 3 and half months.

The last booking is on 10th August 2021

I organize Wellness Tourism to Tanzania. For more info about African Herbs Medicine: contact Me and I will help You.'
For more information about treatment:
Please go to website.

For more information about Wellness Tourism To Tanzania, Please check our website

Skeppargatan 6.

Dansterapi Centrum

14 52 Stockholm Östermalm

Tel 0765649370/ 0765643588

Whatsup: 0704425947
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Pris: 16.000 kr
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Namn: Mama Africa
Län: Stockholm
Ort: Stockholm
Typ: Företag
Datum: 19/11 2022
AnnonsID: 395178
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